estrogen-Estrogen Receptor-Hif2AlphaThe presence of pathway may be in condylar cartilageOA Plays an important role in the occurrence and developmen

TMD refers to the temporom and ibular joint (TMJ) or a common oral disease of the masticatory muscles.Joint Noise Wait.In vitro culture of mandibular condylar chondrocytes high concentration (10-6.Mol/L)Estrogen can inhibit the proliferation of chondrocytes and the synthesis of proteoglycan.

Excessive genistein (a phytoestrogen) could induce Col,Aggrecan and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA)Significantly down-regulated the expression the stimulation of estrogen can aggrecan and Col of MRNa expression levels were significantly reduced, while Promoting inflammatory FactorsIl-1,TNF-Alpha and matrix degradation factorMmp13OfMRNaUp-regulated expression. All the above results suggest that high concentrations of estrogen can induce the cartilage of condylar chondrocyte Other studies show that,ERAlphaIt participates in the Proliferation Effect of hypoxia on breast cancer stem cells ERAl pha Antagonist Resistance Collaboration relationship.

In order to Investigate the hypoxia induced factor2α(HIF2α) In estrogen stimulation under the mandibular condylar cartilage cells effect in role ,Tao Hui made a study on hypoxia induced factor 2α and the study results was published on the journal of Probe-Dentistry .

The results showed that high concentrations of estrogen could significantly up-regulate the degeneration of condylar chondrocytes.Hif2Alpha and its downstream factor Mmp13,VEGF,ColProtein Expression Level.The results are consistent with previous reportsOACartilage TissueHif2Alpha,the results further confirmed that high concentrations of estrogen could be directly up-regulated.Hif2AlphaUp-regulation of its downstream factor expression can accelerate the process of chondrocyte degeneration.We also found that estrogen receptor blockers andHif2AlphaBlocking Agents can reverse estrogen-induced Hif2Alpha Up-regulation of downstream Factor Expression,Cartilage Matrix Synthesis reduction and other effects.According to the analysis, estrogen-Estrogen Receptor-Hif2AlphaThe presence of pathway may be in condylar cartilageOA Plays an important role in the occurrence and development.

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