How do social media affect kids' social skills?

Researchers compared teacher and parent evaluations of children who started kindergarten in 1998-six years before Facebook launched-with those who began school in 2010, when the first iPad debuted. 

Results showed both groups of kids were rated similarly on interpersonal skills such as the ability to form and maintain friendships and get along with people who are different. They were also rated similarly on self-control, such as the ability to regulate their temper. In other words, despite the time spent with smartphones and social media, young people today are just as socially skilled as those from the previous generation.



The development and popularization of computer technology not only involves children's socialization, but also changes children's education methods, and even future career choices. Journal of Advances in Higher Education published a professional education study on modern e-commerce based on computer technology.

This paper analyzes the general phenomenon and existing problems in the education and teaching of e-commerce specialty in colleges and universities.The author provides feasible suggestions for the innovation improvement and entrepreneurship practice teaching of e-commerce specialty, so as to provide more professional talents for the development of various industries.

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