To solve marine pollution, countries should cooperate.

India and Norway have pledged to work together to address the issue of marine plastic litter and microplastics. Given the urgent nature and scale of the problem posed by marine litter and microplastics, India and Norway acknowledged that it cannot be tackled by anyone country alone and that it would require concerted action through collaboration, and cooperation.



Ocean is an important part of the earth and is very closely related to our live. Protecting marine biodiversity is the common responsibility of all humankind. The journal marine and environment is published by Singapore Universe Scientific publishing. This journal walks through the research on earth science, marine science, marine remote sensing, polar science, marine environmental science, and adheres to the rigorous study style of combining theory and practice, disseminate advanced scientific and cultural knowledge, promote international scientific and cultural exchanges, explore the laws of disaster prevention, science and technology education, teaching and management, and revitalize the academic atmosphere of teaching and research to serve teaching and scientific research.


This journal includes research in the field of marine environmental investigation and research, monitoring and surveillance, environmental law and environmental management, testing technology, review and research briefings.

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