Teachers, You're Doing a Better Job Than You Think

Teachers are the moms of public education. Were at the heart of children's daily world. We give them our time, love, and wisdom. Like mothers, we rarely get credit when things go well and are the target of blame when they don't. When we believe we've fallen short, we're brutally hard on ourselves.

That has been especially true during the pandemic and this bizarre, build-the-plane-while-you-fly-it version of school we've all been experiencing these past couple of months.



Teachers are the inheritors and disseminators of human cultural science knowledge, and play an important role in society, especially in the context of internationalized higher education. Due to the mobility of university teachers is more and more frequent, Journal of Advances in Higher Education published a paper of how to respond the bifurcation of the teacher's career.

The author proposed a modular method to study the bifurcation of a teacher's career development. From the fork of university teacher's career, this paper analyzed all kinds of interesting things about teacher's transfer. The method of decision tree was introduced from bifurcation. The simplification and optimization of the decision tree were solved by modularization, and the natural and social properties of modularization were analyzed. It pointed out that modularization was a new effective method to solve the bifurcation.

Modularization improves the efficiency of teacher bifurcation research. It also allows fuzzy mathematics and grey systems to be more efficient when used on a large scale. Let the decision tree generated by bifurcation become distributed computing, but also sinister classification computing. Improvement of the interactive processing of multi-dimensional information has a good positive significance.

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