A ‘town’ depicting water conservation models

A model of the ancient underground water supply system of the Adil Shahi era is among the many eye-catching displays on water conservation set up at Barishpur(rain town) in Vijayapura city.

Developed on about two acres near Kendriya Vidyalaya in the city, Barishpur was conceptualised and designed by Nirmiti Kendra, a government-funded agency. The beautiful town has many life-size models depicting the importance of conserving rainwater, mainly in parched districts such as Vijayapura, which faces drought almost every alternate year.

Among the models are an inverted umbrella, which sends the message of storing water, and women collecting rainwater in sheets and filling up a tank with it. The models also depict the peoples struggle to fetch water and a picture of drought. Some models display how rooftops can be used to channelise rainwater and store it in underground tanks.

Conserving water has become an important aspect over the world as many countries are facing acute water scarcity. Considering this, we wanted to create a model that would not only highlight the problems people face in collecting water, but also the importance of conserving rainwater, which is a major source of water in the world,said G. N. Malaji, planning director of Nirmiti Kendra. He said that after consultation, a decision was taken to get a small town-like model prepared where all these aspects could be presented.



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