Air Force Wants Big Data Technologies for Strategic Airlift

“The Air Force wants new technologies that can process large amounts of data for its strategic airlift capabilities”, a service officer said on Sept. 15.

“There are others out there who wish us to harm,” said Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, a commander of Air Mobility Command. “We must get the data advantage. What we deal in is physics. We need to solve the problem better with new ideas and the data.”

“As part of this push, the Air Force must acquire systems that can counter adversaries that are conducting cyber attacks and GPS jamming while the U.S. military moves equipment and personnel around the world”, she said during the Air Force Association’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference, which was held online due to COVID-19 safety considerations.

“Joint all-domain command-and-control, or JADC2, will be key to transporting equipment securely”, she said. JADC2 is envisioned as a way to connect sensors from across the military services together rather than having multiple tactical networks.


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