Do you usually pay attention to the image formats you use on your website?

Different image file formats have varying traits. Some are best suited for specific conditions, while others can provide better performance for your website. On the other hand, choosing the wrong file format for your images might hinder your visitors' experience.

Just like thinking of performance in terms of JavaScript and SEO, you also need to consider which file formats you use on your website. By learning the main differences between them, you will be able to pick the best image file formats to use on your website depending on your needs.



The transfer and storage of images is done through compression technology using various transformations to find suitable ones for image analysis and compression, and wavelet-based images are analyzed with image compression technology, which is necessary for channel image transmission.

Mohammed Rasheed, Asma Abdulelah Abdulrahman and Suha Shihab made a research on the effect of set partitioning in hierarchical trees with wavelet decomposition levels algorithm for image compression, whose purpose is to determine the appropriate wavelengths for compressing images by recording the parameters that are created by compressing and using an appropriate compression method.

They found that the compression method Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT) is used to obtain a better compression of the image with a high compression ratio by different wavelets and to compare the results of the technology implemented in the Matlab program through results such as the basic criteria of compressed image quality levels.

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