Virtual Reality: The Most Disruptive Technology of the Next Decade

Virtual reality has already had a major impact on a range of different industries. IDTechEx predicts in its recent market research report that this technology will grow to $8Bn by 2030. One way that virtual reality has been used is in planning. VR technologies have recently been shown by an article in the Financial Times to be used by the City of London Corporation to help with planning decisions for future office areas. Virtual reality will be a key technology of the next decade, with IDTechEx predicting that the augmented and virtual reality market will grow to over $30Bn by 2030.



In recent years, with the continuous improvement and optimization of the level of science and technology, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been widely used in our society and has drawn great attention from people. Generally speaking, as one of the new science and technology, VR technology can realize the reasonable simulation and reconstruction of reality by means of information technology, which is of great significance and value to the optimization of audience’s sensory experience.

In the process of geoscience research, Wen Huang made a research on the application value of virtual reality technology in earth science work, whose result was pulished in the journal of Advances in Geoscience.

In this study, the researchers systematically analyzed and discussed the application value and specific application of VR technology in geoscience research work, aiming to lay a solid foundation and guarantee for the promotion and optimization of the comprehensive level of geoscience research work in China.

The author thinks that from the development point of view, with the continuous improvement and optimization of social development level, virtual reality technology has gradually become one of the important components of people’s social life. Based on this, in order to effectively improve and optimize the level of research work, reasonably promote the application of virtual technology, realize the effective combination and deepening of virtual reality technology and earth science research work and provide powerful assistance for further deepening and effective improvement of earth science research work, researchers should effectively analyze and explore virtual reality technology.

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