UAE’s Etisalat rolls out blockchain technology for HR functions

Etisalat is implementing blockchain-based digital HR credentials, providing employees with lifetime access to all HR letters, as well as tamper-proof data.

Implemented in partnership with, the blockchain project is to ensure all employees can generate, access and utilise credentials round the clock, while credential verifiers can do the same without any dependence on manual intervention.

Etisalat is both a consumer and provider of blockchain-based technologies. The telco has implemented blockchain projects for both government and private organisations, such as the blockchain trade finance platform UAE Trade Connect or the ‘Shahada’ Blockchain platform for digitising education certificates.

“Implementing blockchain technology in HR ensures employee data is under their control and is secure and accessible anytime, anywhere,” said Dena Ali Al Mansoori, a group chief human resources officer of Etisalat.



With the development of the times and the rapid progress of science and technology, blockchain technology has been widely used in various industries. With the intensification of social competitiveness, the employment situation in the job market in recent years is more severe. For employers, using blockchain technology to help human resource management can improve work efficiency while saving related resource costs. Therefore, blockchain technology has also been widely used in human resource management.

The paper published in the journal of Modern Management Forum conducted a more in-depth analysis and research on the application prospects of blockchain technology in human resource management in the future.

Through the research, the author thinks that blockchain technology can play a significant role in human resource management. But this does not mean that blockchain technology can only play a good role in promoting human resource management. In fact, blockchain can be helpful in various industries and carry out technical changes and traditional models’ changes. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously develop blockchain technology.

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